A Legacy Built to Last

The Kodiak Historical Society published A Legacy Built to Last: Kodiak’s Russian American Magazin by Susan M. Jeffrey in 2008 for our building’s bicentennial. This richly illustrated book chronicles Kodiak’s history with interpretive emphasis on the industries and individuals associated with the Baranov Museum building. As a silent witness to 200 years of commerce, cultural convergence, and change, the old Russian American Magazin is the perfect narrative tool to relate the stories that have played out under its gaze.

As Dr. Mark Schreiter explains in the book’s foreword, “Few residents of our visitors to the Kodiak archipelago fail to notice the signal presence of its most historic landmark, the Russian American Magazin; many, however, fail to understand the pivotal role the building has played in Kodiak’s heritage and that of Alaska and the world beyond. This book provides not only that understanding but also a means to engage on several levels with the unique spirit of Kodiak, to feel the life that pulsed through its past and recognize its influence on the present and the future.”

A Legacy Built to Last$24.95 softcover, available at the Baranov Museum Gift Store

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