Kodiak has a long history of entrepreneurs who have greatly influenced our community.  Local business owners have shaped the way Kodiak has developed, from W. J. Erskine, Otto Kraft and Norman Sutliff to fishermen and ranchers.Membership dues help us create programs and events, manage our collections and preserve our historic building.

As a business owner today, you are an important part of Kodiak’s history.  You contribute to our community and shape the way tomorrow’s stories will be told. The Kodiak Historical Society and Baranov Museum’s preserves and shares Kodiak’s unique and valuable history. We help tell the story of entrepreneurs like you, and the families, employees and legacies of Kodiak businesses.

Membership at the Baranov Museum is an opportunity to experience the best of our programs, events and exhibits year-round. Business members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Business recognition on the Baranov Museum website, newsletter and annual report, viewed by over 1,500 people annually.
  • Permanent acknowledgement of your generosity on the Baranov Museum Partners plaque on the museum’s fence with a donation of $500 or more.
  • Advanced notification of programs and invitations to special invitations to member events.
  • Free admission to the Baranov Museum for up to four people
  • Two free admission passes to the Baranov Museum, which we hope you will encourage employees, customers or clients to experience the museum too.

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Capital Campaign Donations
Join the community-supported Permanent Exhibit Redesign & Facility Upgrade Project with a tax-deductible gift. All donations of $100+ will be recognized in museum publications, in our temporary Capital Campaign exhibit, and on a donor wall plaque in the new exhibits.
Permanent Exhibit Redesign & Facility Upgrade Project
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