Sarah Harrington, Executive Director
The Executive Director leads the Kodiak Historical Society and the Baranov Museum. She implements the vision of the Kodiak Historical Society Board of Directors, manages the operation of the Baranov Museum, and directs the care of the 200-year-old Russian-American magazin. If you wish to collaborate with the Kodiak Historical Society or have a question about the Baranov Museum, please call (907) 486-5908 or email

Michael Bach, Collections Manager
The Curator of Collections and Exhibits cares for the physical objects in the Kodiak Historical Society collections, manages their conservation, conducts research into Kodiak history and develops the Baranov Museum exhibits. If you have a question about donating an object, collections care, Kodiak history or our exhibits, please call (907) 486-5917 or email

Katelyn Morrison, Registrar
The Archivist cares for all the paper-based and digital items in our collections, including slides, negatives, photographs, maps, letters, diaries, unpublished manuscripts, scanned materials, audio recordings and video. She also helps the public access the archives through research, cataloging, digitization and copying.  If you have a question about our archives, wish to donate photographs, documents or other archival material or need help accessing our archives, please call (907) 486-5909 or email

Natalie Trenery, Curator of Education
The Curator of Education manages our educational and public programming, including school tours, our lecture series, monthly arts & crafts workshops, First Friday Art Walk and other events. Please contact Laurie if you would like to schedule a tour, have questions about our educational programming or would like to propose a program, please call (907) 486-5911 or email

Shaira Dungca, Store Manager
Our Business Manager oversees the Baranov Museum Gift Store, staffing needs to welcome guests to our gallery and exhibits, and other museum business functions.  If you would like to offer your products for sale in the store or have a question about our merchandise, please call (907) 486-5912 or email

Barbara Anthony, Gallery Host