From the oral histories taken from west side residents, past and present, a series of short audio stories were created.  These were combined with the photographs taken in 2015, photos provided by the interviewees and from the Kodiak Historical Society Archives to create short videos.  Watch them below!

Trapping a Live Bear: Judge Roy Madsen

Growing Up At The Cannery: Christy Fox-Allen

Wet Feet for Thanksgiving: Jeanne Shepherd

The Mail Plane at Village Islands: Linda Lindberg

No Experience, Plenty of Will: Alberta Laktonen

Fishing in the 1940s: Deedie Pearson

Exxon Ruined the Season: David Little

Wild Times at Packers Spit: Dianne Herman

Old Time Setnetting: Weston Fields

Coast Guard Rescue: Jim Toteff

The Day the Skiff Swamped: Jane Petrich

Canning Line Tour: Dexter Lorance

Tumbled Down Shack: Bud Lather

Rebuilding After a Landslide: Tollef Monson

Silly Moments During Salmon Season: Lacey Berns

Oil Spill Memories: Mark Thissen

Fishermen Owned the Cannery: Pam and Dave Pingree

West Side Roots: Virgina Abston