We continue to grow and thrive through the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers.

Docents provide visitors with educational tours to enhance their understanding of Kodiak’s cultural history.

Collections assistants help in documenting the permanent collection, cleaning and storing artifacts, and researching collections.

Researchers review, update, and index our research files.

Retail assistants help with the display and sale of the Baranov Museum store merchandise.

We are always looking for volunteers! Are you a good communicator? A history buff? Interested in photographs, archives or collection? Would you like to share the history of your community with visitors? Do you like sharing history through arts and craft? You can become a volunteer at the Baranov Museum in many ways: providing interpretive tours, assisting with collections, updating the research files, lending a hand with programs and events, helping out in the display and sales in the Museum store and other duties.

Job orientation and training will be provided. Must be able to work one to two hours regularly.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call 486-5920 or email baranov@ak.net.

Thank you to our volunteers in 2014 and 2015!

Volunteer-Libby, Deborah-Alby

Volunteer LibbyEufemino assists with an exhibit renovation.

Boards and Committees
Marie Acemah, Jim Arneson, Ginny Austerman, Roberta Austring, Michael Bach, Katie Baxter, Bob Brodie, Libby Eufemino, Elizabeth Fleming, Mary Guilas-Hawver, Sarah Harrington, Pat Holmes, Larry LeDoux, Mary Munk, Marcia Oswalt, Mike Rostad, Pat Szabo, Victoria Woodward, Vicki Vanek

Interpretation and Visitor Services
Randy Busch, Marcia Oswalt, Vicki Vanek, Victoria Woodward

Collections, Exhibits, Archives and Research
Alex Amox, Jenya Anichenko, Beverly Beeton, Dawn Black, Deborah Carver, Father Innocent Dresdow, Jake Everich, Mark Galparin, Father Andrew Harrison, Trent MacKenzie, Christine Marasigan, Gabe Nummer, Alex Perry, Diane Rodill, Daria Safronova-Simeonoff, Patrick Saltonstall, Toby Shorey, Natalie Wadle, Anthony White,

Buildings & Grounds
Deborah Carver, Don Corwin, Patrick Holmes, Kodiak Girl Scouts, Kodiak Garden Club, National Ocean Challenge, Nancy Pierce, Alice Ryser, Strawberry Fields, Theresa Stutes, Sutliff’s, Wenona Suydam, Vicki Vanek, Wade Weeks

Educational Programs and Outreach
Sarah Asper-Smith, Dawn Lea Black, Stephen Bodnar, Nancy Bors, Jonathan Cabrera, Teresa Carlson, Kathryn Chichenoff, Clyda Christiansen, McCrea Cobb, Beverly Cole, Father Innocent Dresdow, Anjuli Grantham, Mary Guilas-Hawver, Harbor Brass Ensemble: Nicole Clark, Eric Engvall, Drew Herman & Velma Vining, Steven Hendrickson, Barbara Hochmuth, Casey Janz, Kathy Johnson, Hazel Jones, Kodiak Russian Balalaika Players, Marnie Leist, Joseph Lipka, Hannahgrace Lucas, Mario Lucas, Fran March, Lexa Meyer, Lisa Nelzen, Florence Pestrikoff, Alf Pryor, Danielle Ringer, Daria Safronova-Simeonoff, Toby Shorey, Tristain Simeonoff, Nate Svoboda, Annjannette Larsen Vainio, Doug Vandegraft, Rose Wolf

Climate Change on Kodiak Summer Film Intensive
Stosh Anderson, Switgard Duesterloh, George Cusick, Craig Eckert, Robert Foy, Victoria Geyer, Margaret Hall, Phillip Johnson, Mary Jones, Allen Large, Mary Beth Lowen, Laurie Murdock, Marion Owen, Gayle Pedersen, John Reft, Ken Reinke, Jennifer Richcreek, Patrick Saltonstall, Kathy Swiney, Anthony White