Temporary Exhibits

The Kodiak Historical Society and Baranov Museum strive to share the diverse perspectives and stories represented in our community’s history through our temporary exhibit space. Explore a selection of our past exhibits, or dive into more in-depth information relating to a current exhibit. 

Nellie Erskine’s Corner

Nellie Erskine’s Corner is an interactive exhibit that celebrates not only the literary legacy of the Nellie Erskine herself but also the grassroots history of museums and libraries in Kodiak. From oral history documentation, we see how Nellie invited young people into her home each Wednesday for storytime. In the spirit of Mrs. Erskine, we open our exhibit space and recreate Nellie’s reading corner. 

Sami Reindeer People

Indigenous peoples of the circumpolar north have lived off the land for generations, each community adapting to their surroundings, constructing distinct cultures, languages, and ways of being. A common denominator to life in the circumpolar north is the harsh climate, long winters, and long summer days. Click here to learn more. 


West Side Stories

In the summer of 2015, Baranov Museum Curator of Collection & Exhibits, Anjuli Grantham, and local photographer Breanna Peterson of Breanna Peterson Photography traveled to the west side of Kodiak to document the unique place, its people, and stories. The West Side Stories exhibit opened in May 2016 and showcased the oral histories and photographs taken on the west side. Click here to learn more.